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Who We Work With

ParkBridge Wealth Management works with a broad spectrum of clientele who vary in lifestyle, industries, goals, and interests. One of the best parts of being a financial advisor is the ability to interact with, and learn about, people from different backgrounds and solve their unique challenges.
Though there is significant diversity in our practice, there are still five major categories of clients that we see most frequently. They are:

HENRYs (High Earner Not Rich Yet): HENRYs are typically in the early stages of their career. They are on the path to accumulate significant wealth, but need proper guidance to get there. These clients are usually busy professionals, like accountants, lawyers, doctors, financiers, or business owners, who don’t have the time to dedicate to managing their finances. They are looking for a trusted advisor to help them make holistic financial planning decisions and position their investments to grow without taking excessive risk.

Retirees or Approaching Retirement: Retirement is a daunting life event for every individual. However, for SWM it’s something we talk about and prepare clients for all day, every day since 2007. We walk clients through various important retirement planning topics such as generating sufficient income in retirement, long-term care needs, financial implications of aging, estate, succession, and legacy planning goals, and much more.

Modern Family: With the rise in divorce rates, longer life expectancies, remarriages, cohabiting unmarried couples, same-sex marriages, blended families, and more, planning for modern families is the new normal. Being open minded to the family’s unique situation, creative in developing strategies to achieve their goals, and collaborating with their other trusted advisors is essential in helping today’s modern family achieve their financial goals.

Widows/Widowers: One of the most devastating life events is losing a spouse. While this is a challenging time, we don’t believe that finances need to add to what is already a very stressful situation. Helping widows/widowers make sense of their finances and craft an updated strategy to protect and provide for their loved ones is something we take seriously and handle with utmost delicacy.

Orthodox Jewish Families: Whether it’s the unique cash flow needs, the elevated cost of living, affording Yeshiva tuition, or being able to go away every Succos and Pesach with your family, SWM has deep experience and unique insights into working with those in the Orthodox Jewish Community. This understanding allows us to develop strategies to help frum Jews achieve their financial goals, while avoiding lifestyle creep, social pressures, and the big mistakes so many make.

Whether you fall into one of our specialty niches or not, we are happy to have an exploratory call to see if we can help. Feel free to reach out below and we will arrange a time to speak by phone, Zoom, or in person.