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12/21/2023: The Jewish Press: Ways To Invest In Israel Today Given The War In Gaza

12/21/2023: The Jewish Press: Ways To Invest In Israel Today Given The War In Gaza

12/4/2023: Forbes: 12/8/2023: The Jewish Press: Financial Planning Checklist: 20 Ideas To Consider Before Year-End

12/4/2023: Forbes: 2023 Year-End Financial Checklist  

11/24/2023: Barron's/The Wall Street Journal: How to Tweak Your Investments for a More Normal Market

11/23/2023: The Jewish Press:  A Time To Be Thankful (Even During Challenging Times)

11/22/2023: Barron's: Retirees Have to Pay Taxes, Too. 6 Smart Ways to Reduce Them.

11/10/2023: The Jewish Press: Is College Still A Good Investment?  

11/7/2023: Kiplinger: Are You Ready to Retire? Find Out With This 10-Item Checklist

10/30/2023: Forbes: Retirement And Investing Consideration For Orthodox Jewish Families

10/26/2023: The Jewish Press: The Reverse Obituary  

10/19/2023: Bloomberg : Sometimes Hot Investing Trends Can Burn You

10/13/2023: The Jewish Press: Back To The Basics: Using The “Bucket Approach” To Financial Planning

10/5/2023: Bloomberg: Bloomberg Wealth: Don’t Let the Bond Selloff Dismantle Your 60/40 Allocation Just Yet

9/28/2023: The Jewish Press: Back To The Basics: Investing Is Like A Birthday Cake  

9/14/2023: The Jewish Press: Why My Year In Israel Was One Of The Best Investments I Have Ever Made

9/1/2023: The Jewish Press: Reflecting On The Past Year: 6 Lessons For Investing And Life

8/24/2023: Barron's: 7 Tax Strategies Financial Advisors Need to Understand  

8/18/2023: The Jewish Press: What Should My Son Do With The Money He Made This Summer Working As A Lifeguard?

8/3/2023: Forbes: Financial Planning Considerations For Orthodox Jewish Families

8/3/2023: The Jewish Press: Should I Incur Credit Card Debt To Pay Yeshiva Tuition?

7/27/2023: The Jewish Press: Mid-Year Financial Checklist

7/19/2023: WealthManagement.comEstate Planning for Orthodox Jewish Families

7/6/2023: The Jewish Press: I’m Proud To Be An American Investor

6/22/2023: The Jewish Press: My Commencement Address: 7 Ways to Build Your Human Capital 

6/8/2023: The Jewish Press: Laid Off Before You’re Ready To Retire? What To Do Now?

6/2/2023: Barron's: Hiding Out in T-Bills?

5/31/2023: Fortune: Getting rich is ‘surprisingly simple’ if you follow a 3-step strategy, says an expert on self-made wealth

5/25/2023: The Jewish Press: The Futile Pursuit Of Perfection: Lessons For Torah Study, Life, & Investing

5/11/2023: The Jewish Press: Is It Wrong To Go On A Lavish Pesach Program?

4/28/2023: Forbes: Spring Cleaning Your Finances: A 10 Point Checklist

4/28/2023: The Jewish Press: Shidduchim & Money: Should Finances Play A Role In Who My Child Decides To Date?

4/20/2023: The Wall Street Journal: Needed: Software To Help Retirees Plan Spending

4/14/2023: Yahoo! Finance: Should you park your portfolio in cash and wait out 2023? Experts debate the pros and cons

4/14/2023: Fortune: Should you take a 5% return by parking your portfolio in cash and waiting out 2023? Experts debate the pros and cons

4/12/2023: Bloomberg: I Bonds Lose Their Luster With Yield Set to Plunge Below 4%  

4/7/2023: The Jewish Press: The Four Sons And Striving For Investment Simplicity

4/7/2023: The Wall Street Journal: We Need to Make it Easier for Retirees to Figure Out How to Invest—and Spend—Their Savings

3/31/2023: Barron's: Retirement Risks

3/30/2023: The Jewish Press: Is My Money Safe In A Bank?

3/16/2023: The Jewish Press: Do I Have Enough Life Insurance?

3/14/2023: Barron's: 3 Banks Have Failed. How Advisors Are Reassuring Clients Without Ignoring the Risks.

3/13/2023: Forbes: Financial Planning Checklist For LGBTQ Families
3/2/2023: The Jewish Press: V’nahafoch Hu And The Dangers Of “The Kiddush Club Portfolio”
2/21/2023: Yahoo! Finance: Investing advice the wealthiest give their own children
2/21/2023: Fortune: Investing advice the wealthiest give their own children
2/17/2023: The Jewish Press:  What Should I Do With My 401(k) From A Previous Employer? 
2/10/2023: Barron's: Activist Funds

2/2/2023: The Jewish Press: The New Bernie Madoff Documentary And Timeless Lessons For All Investors
2/2/2023: Bloomberg: Bloomberg Wealth: Don’t Let the Fed Give You FOMO
1/19/2023: The Jewish Press: Shenkman’s 2023 Personal Finance Outlook
1/17/2023: Kiplinger: 10 Strategies for Managing Financial Risk in Market Downturns
1/5/2023: The Jewish Press: Beyond The Numbers: Retirement And Investing Lessons From My Zeidy

12/29/2022: Forbes: 4 Investment Lessons From 2022 That All Retirees Should Take To Heart
12/28/2022: Barron's:  This Year’s Best Personal Finance Advice From the Pros
12/22/2022: The Jewish Press: The Best Gift For Chanukah This Year Is A Good Financial Advisor: Here’s How To Find One
12/8/2022: The Jewish Press: Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps: A Frum Person’s Perspective
11/24/2022: The Jewish Press: Personal Finance & Thanksgiving: There Is Much To Be Thankful For

11/10/2022: The Jewish Press: Supporting Kollel Kids And Retirement: A Difficult Puzzle To Solve
11/7/2022: CNBC: Op-ed: Op-ed: Here are 3 year-end strategies for high-net-worth families to consider

10/31/2022: Bloomberg: You Missed Your Chance to Buy I Bonds at 9.62%. Now What?
10/27/2022: The Jewish Press: Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home?
10/26/2022: Barron's: Feeling Squeezed by a Shrinking Portfolio and Rising Debt Costs? Financial Pros Share Advice.
10/7/2022: The Jewish Press: A Time For Spiritual & Financial Introspection
9/29/2022: Forbes: 2022 Year-End Financial Checklist
9/23/2022: The Jewish Press: Creative Strategies for Giving Tzedakah
9/8/2022: The Jewish Press: Student Loan Forgiveness: What It Means For The Future Of Higher Education
8/25/2022: The Jewish Press: High Holiday Seats, Building Campaigns, And A Framework For Giving
8/16/2022: Barron's: Stock Market Recovery: Stock Market Recovery: Real Deal or Head Fake?
8/12/2022: US News & World Report: What Is the Inherited IRA 10-Year Rule?
8/11/2022: The Jewish Press: Affording College: Important Considerations For Every Parent
8/7/2022: The Wall Street Journal: 20 Ideas for Adjusting Your Stock and Bond Portfolio
8/1/2022: Barron's: Advisors Should Encourage Clients to Open 529 Plans. Here’s Why.
7/31/2022: Forbes: A Retiree’s Financial Checklist To Prepare For A Recession
7/28/2022: The Jewish Press: College Is A Financial Decision: Plan Accordingly
7/19/2022: Barron's: How Financial Pros Keep Clients Informed–and Calm–When Markets Turn Ugly
7/15/2022: Barron's: Retirement Advice

7/14/2022: The Jewish Press: What Is Bitcoin And Should It Be In My Portfolio?

7/13/2022: Bloomberg: Tips for Talking About Money as Raging Inflation Strains Relationships

7/9/2022: Fortune: Warren Buffett pledged to give away his $96 billion fortune. What will his three children get?

6/30/2022: The Jewish Press: Should I Pay For The Young Couple’s Shana Rishona In Israel?

6/16/2022: The Jewish Press: Money Advice Every Parent Should Give Their Children

6/3/2022: Barron’s: Strategies and Risks  
6/2/2022: The Jewish Press: The 10 Commandments Of Personal Finance
5/21/2022 The Wall Street Journal: 15 Ways Consumers Can Deal With—and Even Benefit From—Rising Inflation

5/19/2022: The Jewish Press: Enjoy Your Herring And Retirement Too

5/6/2022: Barron’s: Nest-Egg Wagers

5/5/2022: The Jewish Press: Should We Get Out Of California?

4/29/2022: Forbes: The Perfect Storm And Timely Perspective For Every Investor

4/7/2022: Barron’s: Trusts Are Not Just for the Ultrawealthy

4/7/2022: The Jewish Press: Pesach Cleaning And Portfolio Maintenance

3/24/2022: The Jewish Press: Should We Be Concerned About Inflation?

3/22/2022: Forbes: A 6-Step Financial Checklist For Young Physicians

3/10/2022: The Jewish Press: Investment Strategy For Turbulent Times

2/25/2022: Barron’s: Good Marriage
2/24/2022: The Jewish Press:
New Research On The Finances Of Orthodox Jewish Life: Lessons For All

2/22/2022: The Wall Street Journal: How to Allow Investors to Play Speculative Bubbles—but Reduce the Risk of Losing a Lot of Money

2/10/2022: The Jewish Press: Is Spending Yeshiva Break In Florida Financially Prudent?

1/28/2022: Forbes: Risks To Retirees Portfolios In 2022: Strategies To Consider

1/27/2022: The Jewish Press: Appreciating Tradeoffs And Living Your Rich Life

1/13/2022: The Jewish Press: Affording A Frum Lifestyle: Increase Your Household Income

12/30/2021: The Jewish Press: Affording A Frum Lifestyle: The Benefits Of Relocating

12/16/2021: The Jewish Press: Affording A Frum Lifestyle: A Proactive Approach

12/2/2021: The Jewish Press: Nissim, Niflaot, And The Power Of Compound Interest

11/24/2021: Forbes: 2021 Year-End Financial Checklist

11/18/2021: The Jewish Press: Downsize, Upsize, Or Stay Where I Am?

11/9/2021: Kiplinger: Where Rich Investors Go Wrong: Beware of the Country Club Portfolio

11/4/2021: The Jewish Press: Keeping Up With The Goldsteins And The Importance Of An Investment Policy Statement

10/25/2021: Barron's: Don’t Overlook These 4 Steps When Measuring Investors’ Risk Tolerance

10/22/2021: Forbes: Surviving Spouse Financial Checklist: Preparing For The Road Ahead

10/21/2021: The Jewish Press: Financial Planning For Frum Families: There Is Nothing Average About An Orthodox Lifestyle

9/3/2021: Barron's: China and ESG Investing

8/20/2021: Forbes: Second Marriage Financial Checklist: 7 Planning Items To Consider

6/16/2021: CNBC: Op-ed: Here’s how to position your portfolio today for higher taxes

6/2/2021: Forbes: Concerned About Inflation In Retirement? 4 Strategies To Help Investors Prepare

5/14/2021: Barron's: The 60/40 Portfolio

5/12/2021: Barron's: How to Advise Clients Who Won Big in Their ‘Play Money’ Accounts

5/7/2021: Kiplinger: 5 Ways to Make Sane Investments When Everyone Else Is Crazy

4/29/2021: Real Simple: 10 Tips to Get Your Retirement Savings Back on Track After the COVID-19 Pandemic

3/26/2021: Barron's: NFTs Are ‘Too Hard’

3/16/2021: Forbes: Are You Planning to Use Target Date Funds in Retirement? 7 Key Considerations to Keep in Mind

3/3/2021: Kiplinger: What to Do with a Windfall with Markets at All-Time Highs

2/24/2021: Forbes: Don’t Let ‘Anchoring’ Sink Your Retirement Strategy

1/26/2021: Forbes: Don’t Let Confirmation Bias Derail Your Finances

1/24/2021: Wall Street Journal: 15 Personal-Finance Lessons We Can All Learn From the Year of Covid-19

1/21/2021: CNBC: Op-ed: Here’s how to stay in control and avoid emotional investing decisions

12/22/2020: Forbes: Retirement And Investing Lessons From My Grandfather

12/21/2020: CNBC: ‘Investor alpha’ is the most important financial strategy for 2021

12/4/2020: Kiplinger: 8 Investing Lessons Learned from an Insane 2020

11/30/2020: Barron's: Appreciating Artwork

10/26/2020: Barron's: 2021 Will Be A Challenge For Investors

10/21/2020: Forbes: 7 Strategies To Generate Sufficient Cash Flow In Retirement

9/22/2020: Kiplinger: 5 All-Too-Common Financial ‘Sins’ … and How to Atone for Them

9/14/2020: Forbes: 7 Mistakes Affluent Investors Make

8/17/2020: Barron's: Election-Year Strategies for Any Outcome

8/10/2020: Kiplinger: The 7 Types of Financial Procrastinators: Which One Are You?

8/3/2020: Barron's: Private Equity in 401(k)s

8/3/2020: Forbes: 5 Crucial Planning Steps To Take Before You Retire

7/27/2020: Barron's: Doing Due Diligence On Annuities

7/20/2020: Barron's: Targeting Big Tech

7/13/2020: Barron's: TDFS

7/6/2020: The Wall Street Journal: How Investors Can Keep Their Political Biases From Hurting Their Portfolio

6/29/2020: Forbes: Money Advice Every Parent Should Give Their Children

6/22/2020: Barron's: Making Sense of This Mystifying Market

6/1/2020: Barron's: Higher Ed's Future

5/27/2020: Forbes: Pandemic Playbook: 7 Step Checklist To Improve Your Finances In Quarantine

5/26/2020: The Wall Street Journal: 35 Ways to Jump-Start Your Emergency Savings

5/21/2020: Trust & Estates Magazine: Politics and Investing

5/18/2020: Barron's: Home, Semisweet Home

5/7/2020: Kiplinger: 10 Timeless Investing Principles

5/4/2020: Barron's: Prudent Investing

4/30/2020: Forbes: Elder Financial Abuse: A 7 Step Checklist To Protect Our Seniors

4/27/2020: Barron's: Dollar-Cost Averaging

4/13/2020: Barron's: Smart Asset Allocation

3/30/2020: Barron's: The Bright Side

3/18/2020: Forbes: Bear Market Checklist: A Game Plan For Navigating The Market Turmoil

3/17/2020: Kiplinger: Financial Planning for Another 'Lost Decade'

3/16/2020: Barron's: Bonds have a place in most portfolios

2/24/2020: Forbes: Laid Off Before You’re Ready To Retire? Follow This 10 Step Checklist

2/24/2020: Barron's: After the Oracle of Omaha Exits

2/10/2020: Barron's: Seeking Dividend Yield in International Markets

2/3/2020: Leimberg Information Services: Don't Leave It All on the Field - Why Athletes Require Special Planning

1/30/2020: Forbes: The ‘Aging Checklist’: What Is It And Why Every Retiree Needs One

1/13/2020: Kiplinger: Investors' Worst Enemy in 2020 Could Be Their Own Brains

1/13/2020: Barron's: Retirement Planning Checklist

12/27/19: Barron's: "Today's Peter Lynch"  

12/6/19: Kiplinger: "Enjoy Your Latte and Retirement, Too"  

11/25/19: Barron's: "401(k) Education"  

11/4/19: Barron's: "Political Noise"  

10/23/19: Kiplinger: "Should You Fear The Next Bear Market?"  

10/23/19: Yahoo! Finance:  "Should You Fear The Next Bear Market?"  

10/23/19: NASDAQ.COM: "Should You Fear The Next Bear Market?"  

10/21/19: Barron's: "Income Approach in Low Yield Environment"  

10/14/19: Barron's: "Financial Elder Abuse"  

9/23/19: Barron's: "Bitcoin ETFs"  

9/6/19: Barron's: "401(k) Options"  

9/1/19: Trust & Estates: "Women and Wealth: Planning challenges and strategies for female"  

8/26/19: "The Evolution of Divorce for Wealthy Women"  

8/12/19: Barron's: "The Ultimate Retirement-Planning Strategy"  

8/5/19: Barron's: "The Future of Financial Advice"  

7/29/19: Barron's: : "The Value of Annuities"  

7/15/19: Barron’s: Pay-to-Play Perils

7/1/19: Barron's: "ESG Investing"  

7/1/19: The CPA Journal: "Tax, Estate Planning, and Asset Protection Considerations"  

6/17/19: Barron's: "Modern Retirement Planning"  

6/10/19: Barron's: Barron's: "Aging Checklist"  

6/3/19: "Investor Inertia and Making Up for Lost Time"  

5/10/19: Barron's: "Bogle's Tips for Investors"  

4/12/19: Barron's: "Retirement-Saving Nudges"  

4/5/19:  "Fees, Performance and the Bigger Picture"  

4/5/19: Barron's: "Retirement-Planning Tips"  

2/15/19: "A Roadmap for Success: The Importance of Crafting a Proper Investment Policy Statement"  

1/1/19: Trust & Estates: Distinguished Author Award: Coming to America Part 1 & Part 2"  

9/1/17: Trust & Estates: Coming to America: Part II: "Consider tax issues when advising immigrant clients" 

8/1/17: Trust & Estates: "Coming to America: Legal and financial planning challenges faced by practitioners when advising immigrant clients”  

2/1/17: TaxStringer: "Planning for the Stars: Estate and Insurance Planning for Entertainers and Professional Athletes"  

1/1/17: TaxStringer: "Planning for the Stars: Financial & Investment Planning for Entertainers and Professional Athletes"  

4/1/16: Trust & Estates:"Don't Drop the Ball: What planners for professional athletes need to know"  

3/10/15: CCH: "Planning for Newlyweds and Young Couples"

5/1/07: YU Commentator: "Before You Graduate, What You Should Know"