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Understand Client’s Personal Circumstances & Development of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS):

Every individual is different, and no one strategy is appropriate for every client. For this reason it’s important that I take the time to fully understand a client’s financial and personal situation so that I can recommend a plan that addresses their unique set of circumstances. During this initial step clients typically work with me to develop their IPS, which serves as a road map to achieve their financial goals.

Design Financial Strategy:

Risk management and due diligence serve as the cornerstone of any recommendations that I make to clients. After assessing a client’s goals and objectives, I work diligently to put together a strategy that addresses the client’s needs, while seeking to minimize the overall level of risk.

Present & Implement Recommendations:

Proposals are explained to the client in simple English. Recommendations are implemented only when the client is comfortable with the proposal and gives approval to move forward.

Continuously Review & Monitor:

Life brings unexpected changes and so does the market. Given these unforeseen events, regular financial reviews are imperative to any long term strategy. Therefore, a client can expect to have their portfolio reviewed and rebalanced when necessary. Investments are adjusted as needed with overall financial objectives reassessed at least once a year.

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