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Watch my recent webinar on “Moving to Israel: Top Financial Planning Considerations”

November 09, 2023

In my latest webinar we covered the topic of “Moving to Israel: Top Financial Planning Considerations."

Presenter, Boaz Feinberg, Leading Partner in the Tax Department, Arnon Tadmor – Levy, discussed the tax considerations associated with immigrating to Israel. Whether you are a student in your 20s, an entrepreneur in your 30s, or wishing to retire in Israel, your plans concerning your immigration to Israel must also take into account the Israeli and US tax ramifications associated with the immigration.

The webinar also discusses tax issues, such as determining what is the point where you first became an Israeli tax resident, through taking the fullest advantage of the current 10 year tax holiday for those who became Israeli residents for the first time, and dealing with the tax issues associated with being a creator, or beneficiary of a US trust.

You can watch the full webinar by clicking here.