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Practical Planning Tip: Who You Decide To Marry - Is Your Spouse an Investor or a Hoarder of Cash?

April 05, 2024

Today we’re going to continue our discussion on why The Most Important Financial Decision most people make is Who they Decide To Marry.”


Specifically, we are going to cover whether your spouse is an Investor or hoarder of cash: Most people understand that they need to invest to meet future goals. It’s very difficult to be financially successful if you aren’t putting your capital to work in stocks, real estate, or other businesses that appreciate over time. Assets that aren’t growing will experience the corrosive effects of inflation. If your spouse insists on keeping a pile of cash sitting on the sidelines and is unable to take even a modest level of risk to grow your money, it will adversely impact your family’s future lifestyle.

This is especially relevant today, where so many people want the false sense of security of hiding in CDs or money market funds. If this makes up the majority of your portfolio, you are setting yourself for failure. It’s imperative that all couples, ESPECIALLY those who will likely live for several more decades, invest in growth assets.

You can WATCH the full video here.