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Practical Planning Tip: Tackling a "Bucket List" in Retirement

February 09, 2024

For Today’s Practical Planning Tip I am going to share some thoughts on tackling a bucket list in retirement:  

I feel like there is a lot I can say about this but let me discuss just a few points: 1) I don't think people should wait until retirement to check things off their bucket list. You don't know when you will die or become too sick to do certain activities. Don't save activities for things while you can! 2) If you do have some items you'd like to tackle in retirement, then I would also put a date on when you want to accomplish them. For example, if you want to travel to Brunei, Tuvalu, Micronesia, or another exotic locale, then put a date on when you plan on traveling there. If you want to learn Chinese bamboo weaving, then indicate a timeframe when you'd like to become proficient in that very valuable craft. Goals with no timeline make it easier to procrastinate. 3) Some of the best experiences in life and especially in retirement, are just enjoying the everyday mundane activities. This may include waking up a bit later in the morning because you are not in a rush to be anywhere, having brunch on a weekday with a friend, watching your grandkids, deciding to jet away at the last minute for the weekend, and so forth. I think most people will look back on life, and find more joy in these types of activities, than the more exotic things that are traditionally found on a retirees bucket list. Hopefully this perspective may be helpful to some.

You can WATCH the full video here.