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Practical Planning Tip - Sticking With New Year's Resolutions - Keeping Things Seamless

February 13, 2024

For Today’s Practical Planning Tip I am going to share some thoughts on Sticking With Your Learning And Financial Resolutions with a focus today on the importance of keeping things seamless.

So, When creating new habits, it’s helpful to make it as easy as possible. There should be very little room for excuses as to why you can’t achieve your daily goals.

When I wanted to build the habit of going to shacharit in the morning, I made sure to lay out my clothes on a chair near my bed. It may be dark and cold in the morning. I may be tired. Yet, if all I need to do is roll over and put on my clothes, I am one big step closer to going to shul. I also have my Gemara and Chumash sitting on my dining room table, which I pass multiple times a day. Every time I see them, it’s a reminder that I need to learn before bedtime.

This seamlessness may be even easier when it comes to building wealth. The key is automating as much as you can. This includes setting up automatic withdrawals from your checking account into your investment accounts and automatically having those funds invested. Automation takes the emotion out of the process and allows you to build wealth effortlessly.

You can watch the FULL video here.