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Practical Planning Tip - Sticking With New Year's Resolutions - Being Held Accountable

February 14, 2024

Being held accountable: One helpful way to stay on track with a goal is partnering with another person who has your best interest at heart. When learning Torah, this may be by having a regular chavrusa or chaburah. Knowing others are relying on you, or your friends will notice and inquire about your whereabouts if you miss one day, motivates you to consistently show up. Enlisting a trainer or nutritionist can be helpful to ensure you don’t cheat on a new routine aiming to improve your health.

In personal finance, accountability can mean hiring a financial advisor to help you stick with your strategy and make suggestions and modifications where appropriate in order to achieve your goals. This may mean encouraging you to save by maxing out your retirement accounts, adding money regularly to your taxable accounts, implementing strategies to minimize your tax liability, investing your money prudently in plain vanilla investments and not allowing you to invest in the latest fad!

The power of being held accountable with your investment strategy can make all the difference in your ability to build wealth and achieve your financial objectives.

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