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Practical Planning Tip: Lesson's From My Grandfather - Have a Framework for Giving

February 05, 2024

Today’s Practical Planning Tip from my grandfather is havingA framework for giving: Philanthropy is a big focus for some retirees upon reaching a certain age. My grandfather gave throughout his life, always following his personal framework to prioritize his giving. He created a hierarchy of recipients with his first focus on taking care of his family, then his local community, followed by specific causes that he felt passionate about, and lastly any solicitation that came that piqued his interest. While there is no shortage of good causes to support with your hard-earned dollars, it’s imperative to develop a systematic approach to giving away your money so your charity dollars are most impactful and meaningful to you.

As I communicate with my clients: All investors, regardless of creed, should have a strategy for managing their money. They should also ALL have a disciplined framework for how they want to give it away, as well.

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