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Practical Planning Tip: It's not a vacation, it's a lifestyle!

May 14, 2024

I just came back from a quick getaway to Florida. I was only there for a few days, but it was good to get away, enjoy the sun, and take a breather from the daily grind.


One thing I’ve been thinking about is when people find out that I went to Florida the first response is always “WHY?” Afterall, it’s not winter break, spring break, summer break, presidents’ weekend, etc. So, some people seem puzzled as to why I went on vacation at this random time. Afterall, it’s not a predetermined vacation day.


And the best answer to this question is simply “why not?” I was able to go, and wanted to go, so I went. For many people this is puzzling. One person even said to me “you seem to go on vacation a lot.” I didn’t ask what he meant by “a lot” since it is all relative, but I said that this wasn’t a vacation, it’s a lifestyle.


A big part of financial planning is setting up your life to spend time and money on things that you want to do, and to try to minimize spending time and money on things that you DON’T want to do. For me this means going to Florida on occasion and road tripping every so often. It also means paying people to clean my house, mow my lawn, and fix stuff that breaks. I’m happy to spend money on those things since it saves me time and I don’t enjoy doing any of those tasks.


On the other side of the coin, I spend very little time and money shopping. People mock me for wearing t-shirts from high school, but I just don’t care. I also don’t drive luxury cars, and I don’t like eating at fancy steak restaurants.


The message here is simple and applies to folks at all levels of the wealth spectrum: Everything in life is a tradeoff and the key is figuring out a balance that works for you so you are living the life that you want and your money is being used to support those choices.

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