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Practical Planning Tip: Investing in Israeli Bonds and Israeli Based Companies

December 29, 2023

Today’s Practical Planning Tips will cover TWO important suggestions on how to support Israel during these difficult times. I will discuss investing in Israeli debt and also investing in Israeli based companies.

Investing in Israeli debt by purchasing ISRAEL BONDS: Fundamentally, bonds are a way for an investor to lend money to an entity, such as a company, municipality, or country, to invest in their infrastructure. In return for the privilege of borrowing your money for a set time frame that entity will pay you interest. Since interest rates have gone up, the rates on Israeli bonds are more attractive today than they have been in a decade or longer. The best way to buy Israeli bonds is by going to the Israel Bonds website.

The second tip, is You can invest in ISRAELI COMPANIES: The best way to invest in the Israeli economy is through publicly traded stocks. This can be done by purchasing individual stocks of Israeli based companies or by utilizing a mutual fund or Exchange Traded Fund (also known  as an ETF) that buys those companies on your behalf. There is a myriad of fund companies that provide these products including BlackRock, VanEck, ARK, and BlueStar. As with the purchase of Israeli bonds, it’s important to discuss with your advisor what product is appropriate in your portfolio based on your goals and risk tolerance.

Additionally, one creative way of supporting Israel indirectly is by making an effort to invest in companies that proudly support Israel. A helpful way to identify those companies is by researching who, antisemitic groups, like BDS, have blacklisted and recommended DIVESTING from. Counteract those recommendations by making every effort to buy products from those pro-Israel organizations.

You can watch the FULL video here.