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Practical Planning Tip: How to Choose a Financial Advisor? Ask How They Invest Their Personal Assets

June 05, 2024

Today we will discuss an advisors Personal investments: 

You should be sure to ask every advisor you interview how their personal funds are managed. If it’s not the EXACT same way in which they are advising clients, then run the other way!

It amazes me how many advisors I’ve met throughout my career who have their personal money managed completely differently than what they recommend to their clients. The advisor should believe in the advice they are giving and “eat their own cooking.”

It’s no secret how my investments are allocated. All my money is managed the exact same way that I recommend to my clients. How can somebody sell strategies that they aren’t comfortable using themselves? The idea that an advisor would use different strategies for himself is mind boggling and frankly, inappropriate.

In the next video, I’ll discuss why it’s important for your advisor to be a thought leader in the field of wealth management.

You can WATCH the full video here.