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My latest in The Jewish Press: "We Just Sold Our Home For $2.5 Million – Now what?"

February 02, 2024
This week in The Jewish Press I answered a reader's question, which comes up extremely often in my practice about "We Just Sold Our Home For $2.5 Million – What Do We Do With This Money?"
The quick answer is the funds to Jonathan I. Shenkman to manage. For a slightly more in depth answer, check out my article.
"I’m at a financial crossroads and I’m hoping you can help. My husband and I are both 67 years old and we just sold our house for $2.5 million. Believe it or not, we bought it 40 years ago for $350,000, so we are ecstatic at the return on our money. Anyway, we both plan to stop working in the next few years. We have some savings in various accounts. What should we do with the proceeds from the sale of our home? – Anonymous, Brooklyn, NY"