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My latest in The Jewish Press: "The Seder’s Annual Reminder: How To Be More Intentional With Money"

April 19, 2024

My latest article in The Jewish Press is entitled "The Seder’s Annual Reminder: How To Be More Intentional With Our Finances."

A MUST read before your seder. Should stimulate profound conversations about your money, values, and the state of the Jewish people around the world.
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"...the seder offers Jewish investors clear guidance on how to define our goals. That task of defining goals is not easy for everyone. Whenever onboarding a new client, my first question is “What are your goals?” Most new clients seem unsure how to answer and often respond with a generic: “I want to make money!” I explain to them that “making money” is not the goal. It’s the byproduct of having a process in place to achieve your actual goals. The real question is, what are you looking to use your money for?

The lessons from the seder help inform that answer and dictate how we can best live our lives: speak to your children, transmit our heritage through every generation. That is the goal and the ultimate purpose of our money. This offers a helpful framework for how to spend, give, and invest our money to carry on the same Torah values."