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My latest in The Jewish Press: "The Most Important Financial Decision: Who You Decide To Marry"

February 20, 2024

When asked, “what is the most important financial decision you’ve made?,” most people typically include items related to living within their means, saving for the future, investing, estate planning, insurance, and other personal finance topics. While these are all essential components of a sound financial strategy, I contend that the single most important financial decision most people will make is who they decide to marry. This may seem surprising to readers, but it’s the truth. Who you choose as your bashert is more important to your wealth than your asset allocation, retirement accounts, or pursuing a high paying career.

Based on my observations over the nearly two decades I’ve spent working with families, I outline the ways in which choice of spouse can be the biggest force in creating wealth or eroding it over time. As you read through the article, be introspective on what you can do to improve your relationship and handling of money; and pay attention to financial red flags to consider when dating a potential life partner.

You can READ the full article here.