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My latest in The Jewish Press: "Confirmation Bias And What The Media Can Teach Us About Finance"

May 31, 2024
Ever wonder why mainstream media coverage on the Israel-Hamas war is so anti-Israel?
Check out my latest article in The Jewish Press entitled "Confirmation Bias And What The Media Can Teach Us About Personal Finance" to learn more.
Great lessons on what NOT to do in life and with our investments!
"The question I constantly find myself asking is why does this intellectual dishonesty occur? The answer, at least partially, is due to confirmation bias. Confirmation bias is the tendency of people to favor information that confirms or strengthens their beliefs or values and is difficult to dislodge once affirmed.

Many media outlets around the world selectively use data and stories that support their predetermined anti-Israel agendas. Therefore, instead of focusing on the cause of this war (Hamas’s terrorist activities) and the way it can end (Hamas’s surrender and releasing innocent Israeli civilians from captivity), the focus is on the plight of the people of Gaza (whose woes are also entirely and exclusively due to Hamas). Overlooking material information that doesn’t support your thesis or agenda is quite convenient."