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My latest in Barron's "Guide to Wealth" section

November 29, 2023

Check out my thoughts in the "Guide to Wealth" section inBarron'sthis past week. The article is entitled "How to Tweak Your Investments for a More Normal Market."

You can read the whole article my clicking here.

Honored to be quoted alongside the following esteemed investment professionals and reading their insights:
Lisa Shalett, Chief Investment Officer ofMorgan Stanley
Kara Murphy, CFA, Chief Investment Officer ofKestra Investment Management
Tim Murray, Capital Markets Strategist atT. Rowe Price
Evan Bloomberg, CFA, Private Wealth Advisor atUBS
Michael S. Orfe, CFA, Senior Vice President, atSequoia Financial Group

My thoughts from the article:
"Potential tax changes are on the horizon and that may make this an ideal time to do a Roth conversion, says Jonathan Shenkman, president and chief investment officer of ParkBridge Wealth Management. The Trump-era tax cuts, for example, are due to expire in 2025. And Congress will probably have to tackle the ballooning federal budget deficits with tax increases, spending cuts, or a mixture of the two. “If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan ahead, then this is a good opportunity,” says Shenkman."
"Investors have increased their cash holdings over the past year—and with good reason. Interest rates are higher than they’ve been in decades, and money-market funds are currently yielding around 5%. Investors would be wise to make sure that the cash part of their portfolio is generating some income in this environment. “If you’re not being proactive on this, then you’re leaving money on the table,” says ParkBridge’s Shenkman."
“With rates going up, a lot of these weaker companies that took on more risk over the past 10 to 15 years, they could default,” says Shenkman. “That’s another reason to move up in credit quality; you want to limit your exposure to these riskier assets.”
"Shenkman says retirees shouldn’t forsake stocks for fixed income. That’s because they face longevity risk, or the risk that they will live a very long time and inflation will erode their buying power. “If you want to outpace inflation, you need a meaningful amount of equity exposure,” he says."