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Episode 58 of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!

May 29, 2024
Episode 58 of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!
In this week's episode we discuss "The Summer Financial Challenge."
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Join Jonathan I. Shenkman, President and Chief Investment Officer of ParkBridge Wealth Management this week as he discusses a variety of timely investing and financial planning topics, including:
1) The Great New York Earthquake Of 2024: Lessons For Financial Preparedness
2) Quote from FDR on Money and Happiness
3) The Summer Financial Challenge
4) Why do people get so excited about all real estate deals (most of which don’t end up working out)? If you want to play the investment lottery, why not make a bet on a small biotech stocks that have more upside potential?
5) I was gifted stock in Intel. It went up, however, recently I lost a lot of money. While I’m still up big relative to where I started, I still don’t want to sell the stock at such a big loss from my all time high. What should I do?
6) Should be hesitant on rolling over a large 403b into my IRA and disrupting its growth?
7) My friend in shul told me to buy a particular stock. It went up meaningfully since we spoke and I didn’t buy it. Should I buy it at a worse price or wait for the price to drop?
8) With yields higher these days, I’m thinking about using my dividends and income to live on like my dad did. You've mentioned you don’t think this is an optimal approach. Why?
9) I have a business idea that involves selling stuff to the anti semitism on college campuses. I’m a Zionist but wouldn’t mind taking their money. Is that wrong?
10) With a terrible geopolitical and economic outlook, doesn’t it concern you to be an investor?
11) The country’s debt burden is crippling. Does this worry you? Why or why not?
12) Housing prices are astronomical. Should I help my kids buy a house?
13) As a recent college graduate am I screwed? Inflation is high, rates
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