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Episode 51of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!

April 11, 2024

Episode 51 of the "Jonathan On Money" podcast just dropped!

This week's episode is entitled: "Personal Finance Rules Of Thumb (With A Frum Twist)"

You can check it out on Apple, Spotify, my website OR wherever you get your podcasts.

You can also LISTEN to the full episode here.

Join Jonathan I. Shenkman, President and Chief Investment Officer of ParkBridge Wealth Management this week as he discusses a variety of timely investing and financial planning topics, including:

1) Personal Finance Rules Of Thumb (With A Frum Twist)
2) Too many 1099s during tax season? Solution to consider.
3) Old adage about investors in Bear Markets
4) Am I a rookie investor event though I’m making money?
5) What financial advice would you give to someone in their 30s?
6) What are your thoughts on "do it yourself investors"? Can anyone actually invest themselves? On the other hand, do you think everyone should be able to do it themselves?
7) Why isn’t SPY sufficient? It goes up annually 13% a year. It pretty
8) I’m a rabbi. I have a rabbi trust provision as part of my contract with my shul. Should I still save in a retirement account?