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Episode 47 of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!

March 13, 2024

Episode # 47 of the “Jonathan on Money” podcast just dropped!

This week's episode is entitled "Money lessons from the Golden Calf, Vanderbilts, And Touro Synagogue.”

You can check it out on Apple, Spotify, my website ( OR wherever you get your podcasts.


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Join Jonathan I. Shenkman, President and Chief Investment Officer of ParkBridge Wealth Management this week as he discusses a variety of timely investing and financial planning topics, including:

1) Money lessons from the Golden Calf, Vanderbilts, And Touro Synagogue
2) Quote from Warren Buffet on leaving money to kids.
3) What is the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average and why should I care?
4) With inflation projected to be 10% annually, how do you recommend growing one’s money above inflation without using bitcoin?
5) I’m 42 years old and just got laid off. I have about three months in an emergency fund and will receive 6 months of severance. What’s my next financial move?
6) I’m getting married a bit later than most of my friends. My fiancée happens to come from an exceptionally wealthy family. Her dad is eager to pay all our living expenses and then some. Should I take his money?
7) Can I retire on the just the dividend income from holding one position, namely the S&P 500 ETFs and that’s it?
8) What are your thoughts on "fund of funds?"
9) Do you use chatGPT to write your articles?
10) I can pay an advisor 1% of my portfolio to help me or I can keep that 1% and do it myself and will be 1% ahead compounded over time. What am I missing?
11) I’m looking for a financial advisor but everyone I had spoken to charges a percentage of assets under management. This is an absurd business model. Why don’t more advisors charge a normal hourly fee like a lawyer?
12) A lot of people that manage their own money say I should work exclusively with Vanguard. Why is that?

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