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Episode 45 of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!

February 28, 2024

Episode 45 of the “Jonathan on Money” podcast just dropped!

This week's episode is entitled “The Most Important Financial Decision: Who You Decide To Marry.”
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Join Jonathan I. Shenkman, President and Chief Investment Officer of ParkBridge Wealth Management this week as he discusses a variety of timely investing and financial planning topics, including:

1. Why the most important financial decision most people will make is who they decide to marry.
2. This week’s money quote from Chris Rock about wealth
3. What would be the pros and cons of purchasing equal weighted amounts of the 11 stock market sectors and rebalancing your portfolio each year rather than just indexing the total market or the S&P 500?
4. I just earned 57% on a real estate deal. I invested 50k and made 20k in 3 years. If I can get one of these homerun deals every so often even with a few duds along the way (which is pretty much guaranteed) why on god's green earth would I ever invest in the market?
5. I’m 38 years old and should be a millionaire in a few years. Once I become a millionaire can I retire?
6. I can buy the cheapest house in a super upscale neighborhood or the nicest house in a more modest neighborhood. The way I see it there are pros and cons to both. What are your thoughts?
7. Are annuities a good investment?
8. There are many ways to invest in real estate. Can you quickly go through them and what you would recommend?
9. I live in a low cost and low tax state. We just went on vacation in an expensive and high tax state and loved the amenities and natural beauty. Is it unwise to give up such a cheap and financially manageable cost of living to move to an expensive state?
10. I just read that illegal migrants are getting more in benefits than folks on SNAP. It seems like the system is set up to reward those who don’t play by the rules. What are your thoughts?
11. I don’t have much money to contribute to retirement at this present time and whatever money you would be contributing is not allowed by a scholarship committee. Is there a legal way to contribute to a retirement plan not in your name (for example a parent) which could make you the custodian at a later date?
12. I have 150k in an investment account. Should I liquidate it to build a pool?

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