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Episode 39 of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!

January 17, 2024
Episode 39 of the "Jonathan On Money" podcast just dropped!
This week's episode is entitled "Should I Pay For The Young Couple’s Shana Rishona In Israel." 
You can check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, my website ( OR wherever you get your podcasts.
Join Jonathan I. Shenkman, President and CIO of ParkBridge Wealth Management this week as he discusses a variety of timely investing and financial planning topics, including:
1) Should I Pay For The Young Couple’s Shana Rishona In Israel
2) Quote from musician, John Mayer, and wishing for less time
3) My portfolio was down in 2023 when it seems like most areas of the market are up. What did I do wrong?
4) How does a 457 plan compare to a 401k or 403b?
5) I’m shopping around for a new advisor and I’d like references from the advisor's clients. One guy said he doesn’t disclose his clients while the other person gave me his “top client” to call. I’m inclined to go with the guy with references. Thoughts?
6) Do you think having a diverse board of directors is essential for explosive stock market performance?
7) My question is if I can retire in 5 years at 73? I have about 100k in investment accounts, 30k in cash, 15k of credit card debt, 600k mortgage on a house that's worth around 700k, I owe 30k on my two cars. I make 250k a year.
8 ) What is your biggest financial regret of 2023?
9) What are your personal finance resolutions for 2024?
10) Has your view of money changed since you started working?
11) I spent a lot of money around the holiday season. I can afford it, but feel super guilty about spending so much money during this time of year. There just doesn’t seem to be any good reason for it. Thoughts.
12) What's the biggest financial risk in 2024?
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