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Episode 38 of the "Jonathan On Money" podcast just dropped!

January 10, 2024

Episode 38 of the "Jonathan On Money" podcast just dropped!

This week, joinJonathan I. Shenkman, AIF®, President & CIO ofParkBridge Wealth Management, as he goes “IN FOCUS” to explore more advanced wealth planning topics.

This week we will discuss "Long Term Care Costs and Options at Varying Degrees of Wealth” featuringElizabeth ForspanEsq. Partner at Forspan Klear, LLP.

Today’s show will discuss various options for preparing your clients and loved ones for the high costs of long-term care as they age. Elizabeth will present this topic from the perspective of an attorney who has worked with clients through the wealth spectrum. The conversation will include a discussion on long term care insurance, private pay options, as well as Medicaid. Elizabeth will also discuss the tax issues involved in this planning.

You can check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, my website ( OR wherever you get your podcasts.

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