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Episode 35 of "Jonathan On Money" just dropped!

December 20, 2023
Episode 35 of the "Jonathan On Money" podcast just dropped!
This week, join Jonathan I. Shenkman, President & CIO of ParkBridge Wealth Management, as he goes “IN FOCUS” to explore more advanced wealth planning topics.
This week we will discuss “Selecting an Asset Protection Plan – Strategies and Pitfalls” featuring K. Eli Akhavan, Esq., LL.M., Partner, Grant, Herrmann, Schwartz & Klinger LLP.
Today’s show will cover the complex landscape of choosing the optimal jurisdiction for asset protection. The webinar will cover the factors to consider such as legal protections, structuring opportunities, and tax implications. Real-world examples will be provided, showcasing how to evaluate jurisdictions effectively and to avoid legal and ethical pitfalls.
The information will be particularly helpful for attorneys and accountants who represent clients in high-risk businesses.
You can check it out on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, my website ( OR wherever you get your podcasts.
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