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Checklist: Rebranding a Wealth Management Business

December 11, 2023

In October 2024, I decided to rename my firm “ParkBridge Wealth Management.” The rebranding process may feel overwhelming, but having a comprehensive list of items to tackle makes the process far more seamless.

This is NOT an exhaustive list. After all, every company is unique and may have their own set of issues. However, the below checklist should serve as a good starting point. Naturally, every business owner should consult their own professional advisors to ensure they are executing this change correctly.

  1. Trademark search of new company name
  2. Apply for trademark for new company name
  3. Buy new domain name
  4. Make new logo
  5. Compliance approval for new name, logo, etc.
  6. Update the name of your legal entity (LLC, S-Corp, etc.)
  7. Build out new website
  8. Create new e-mail address associated with new domain
  9. Sync phone to new e-mail address
  10. Update bank account to reflect new name or set up new bank account if appropriate
  11. Update accountant on new company name and follow guidance on how to update for tax purposes.
  12. Get new credit cards with correct company name
  13. Notify broker-dealer of rebranding and follow guidance on what needs to be done
  14. Notify custodian of rebranding and update statements and confirms
  15. Update financial planning software to include new logo
  16. Update performance reporting software to include new logo
  17. Draft e-mail to clients about new company name
  18. Post on social media across all platforms about new name
  19. Forward old website to new website
  20. E-mail all contacts with new contact information from new e-mail address
  21. Ensure all contacts are migrated over to CRM reflecting new company name and contact information
  22. Make sure data from CRM migrates over to new system (i.e. client birthday notifications, periodic client e-mails, client notes, etc.)
  23. New business cards
  24. Revise marketing material
  25. Revise newsletters, podcast, social media hashtags, LinkedIn/Facebook business pages, and all other online business development to reflect new name.
  26. Update login information to all services associated with old e-mail address
  27. Update your company corporate retirement plan to reflect new name/information
  28. Contact editors: If you do writing, make sure you contact all your editors to update them.
  29. New company swag
  30. Update conferencing software like Zoom/Microsoft Teams to include new contact info and new logo
  31. Update e-mail on all distribution lists: If you receive research e-mails or other newsletters, be sure to update your e-mail on those lists.