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Beyond The Numbers: Retirement And Investing Lessons From My Zeidy

January 01, 2024

Today is my Zeidy’s fourth yartzeit.

Last year I wrote an article in The Jewish Press about investing and retirement lessons I learned from my grandfather. It’s timeless advice for people of all ages.

“My grandfather, Sam Blumenfeld (Shlomo ben Yosef), whose third yahrzeit is coming up on the 20th of Tevet, was part of this latter Greatest Generation group. He came to New York City in 1947 after experiencing the atrocities of the Holocaust and seeing many friends and family members murdered at the hands of the Nazis. He didn’t complete his schooling since the war interrupted his studies. Yet, in the United States he managed to have a family, start a small business, become an active member of his community, and enjoy a more than 30-year retirement before passing away three years ago at the age of 98.”

You can read the FULL article here.